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gamescom 2014 – the next step


Hello and welcome to the official gamescom blog! As of now, this is the place to go for comprehensive information on the world’s largest interactive gaming event. There are only a few weeks left until the start of gamescom 2014, and we have quite a lot up our sleeves. Check in on a regular basis and look forward to exciting activities, interesting interviews and the latest news on gamescom!

Everything is nothing without the community

You, the community, are the center of out activities – how could it be any different? In order to involve you even further, we have developed a Facebook app which you can find at Several activities, all consisting of and depending on your creative input, will be taking place within the app. And you will be deciding on the result with your vote. We will, however, not give you any further details yet – everybody needs a little suspense, so stay tuned.

In this blog we will broach many issues relating to the event highlight gamescom. In our categories “Meet the stars”, “Meet  the Games” and “Meet the News”, you will find lots of news, background stories and interviews from the computer game industry in the next couple of months, true to our motto “Ready to play – discover new worlds”.

Video and computer games have long left their niche and have become a part of our daily lives. Everyone is a gamer, always and everywhere. This development is reflected by gamescom which has turned into the meeting place and an innovative gaming venue for the community, emphasizing the fact that the mass phenomenon of gaming has indeed found its place in society. In order to mirror this, the logo has been updated accordingly: the word mark and logo is now more compact and more concise and – more importantly – puts the community in the focus.

See you at gamescom 2014!