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Meet the Gamer: Shuffle


Hi Shuffle! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. Let us start with your person: What do you do exactly?
My name is Tom, I am born in 1994 and known on YouTube as Shuffle. I am active in the”Minecraft Scene” since 2011. At the moment I focus on Modreviews and the latest maps for Minecraft.

For how long are you into gaming now?
For more than 18 years. The excessive number of toys from my mother drove me directly into this scene at that time – without me having said anything. However, “gaming and entertaining on YouTube” I discovered only in 2011.

What was your previous career?

Born in 1994, learned riding a bike in 2001, since 2007 active YouTube consumer and since 2011 active YouTube producer. Oh, and I also was in school at some point.

What was your first video game?
The game “Game & Watch Gallery 2” for GameBoy. The game is still my favorite handheld game.

Where do you get the ideas for your videos from?

In a sense gaming videos have all the same pattern. Thus I find my inspiration for topics through my everyday life. But since I watch many videos myself, I always try to create unique, fresh and suitable ideas.

How much time a week do you spend with shooting your videos?
It depends on how much motivation and time one has. Everything from 0 hours up to 6 or 7 hours a day is possible.

Is it still a hobby or would you already consider it a profession?

It is and will always be a hobby because I’m financially independent. This is the only way how I get the most joy out of it.

What characteristics should a good „Let’s Play“ have?

Entertainment. Everything else is optional.

What kind of hardware do you use?

Over the years, one upgrades the equipment as the demands constantly rise. I use various equipment such as large-diaphragm microphone and a DSLR camera.

What is important to you when it comes to video games and what annoys you?

I would call myself a casual player. Therefore, a game has to entertain me, whether it is on purpose or not.

Do you have any idols in the gaming scene? If so, who?

No, I don’t have any idols because it would ruin my style and my appearance on YouTube. But for new content I get inspired by a lot of videos of other gamers, mainly from the United States. My everyday life is also a good source for new video topics.


Have you visited gamescom before? If so, how many times?

As a teen I have been to the Games Convention in Leipzig. My second and so far last visit was in 2013.

What is special about gamescom in your opinion?

The feeling of a trade fair. And it is almost the only opportunity for me to meet the audience.

Will you attend this year’s gamescom? Where can visitors meet you?

Yes. You will meet me on the GamesStar stage during the Mario Kart 8 event presented by Telekom. Furthermore I will be on the Roccat stage. I am thinking about arranging a meet-and-greet with the audience, but have not decided yet. 😉

What will be your highlight of gamescom 2014?

I’m looking forward to the stage events most.


Where can we find you on the internet?