On the podium thanks to passion and inspiration

Inspiring innovations, exciting events and visionary, imaginative games sphere – gamescom 2014 will stay on its visitors’ memory for a long time. One of them has particularly fond memories of the world’s biggest trade show for gaming: cos player Luka. The 28 year old wowed fans and jury alike and thus managed to secure the second place at this year’s gamescom cosplay award.

gamescom cosplay of the year award

It’s a wrap! Looking back on gamescom 2014

The largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games has come to an end Sunday night – time to look back on four spectacular days with you.

gamescom eingang

And once again gamescom, with this year’s guiding theme “Ready to play – discover new worlds”, proved to be much more than just a simple trade show: it was an incredible event featuring interactive entertainment. And the community was so thrilled about it that all available day tickets were already sold out two weeks before gamescom started.

gamescom 2014: events on sunday

Get ready for the last day of gamescom and party hard today! As yesterday doors open at 9 a.m. At the very beginning it’s kind of intense at the “Let’s play meets gamescom”-stage in hall 10.1. During the day the following let’s players show what they got: HerrBergmann & Paluten, PietSmiet, GameTube, tabletennisgamer, Musterbrand, High5, GameStar ONE PC, Wikia, DARKEYsWorld + Eiterbeule + MultiDudelSack and Tommy Krappweis.

Einlass gamescom 2014 - 1

Don’t miss the awarding of the cosplay of the year at 1 p.m. The final candidates were chosen yesterday and now the winner of the categories anime, fantasy and science-fiction can look forward to a journey to Japan as first prize. Stop by and get becharmed! The boundaries between fantasy and reality also blurs at League of Legends EU LCS-PLAY-OFFS. From 3 p.m. you can see epic clashes of Europe’s best teams at the great final. In addition, you could watch the top competitors of the international wildcard-tournament at eSports-gallery of League of Legends.

gamescom programm on saturday

On to another day of gamescom! But what’s on today? Be sure not to miss the cosplay village. In hall 10.1, countless cosplayers present their fantastic costumes at the pre-selections for the cosplay of the year award. This competition takes place for the first time this year, and the winners will be chosen in three different categories: anime, fantasy and science fiction. The preliminary decision in the first category starts at 11 a.m., followed by the second category at 2 p.m., with the science fiction category bringing up the rear at 4.30 p.m. We’re looking forward to spectacular presentations and are excited to see who will make it to the finals tomorrow!

Einlass gamescom 2014 - 2

And of course again today, famous Let’s Players will rock the stage in hall 10.1. At 9.30 a.m., Musterbrand will kick off the show. As of 11 a.m., the stage will see a new Youtube star every 30 minutes: ZockerDudes, DebitorLP, GameStar ONE PC, Dhalucard & Graenz, fishc0p, PietSmiet, Moondye7, DerSpielpirat, GameTube, NinotakuTV, WartimeDignity and Wikia. Look forward to a new episode of gamescom TV at 5.30 p.m. and watch the performances of Let’s Players Tommy Krappweis, FeelFifa and PietSmiet as of 6 p.m.

From inspiration to cosplay creation

With a flowing blond mane, proud antlers and clattering hoofs she walks through the forest. Feathers decorate her hair and fine leaves tangle the bright costume fur. As the camera begins to flash, Luka is completely in her element. The 28-year-old girl loves fantasy and is an active member of the cosplay scene since September 2010.

1. Dark Faun

Luka, whose real name is Doreen, regularly simulates different roles: ‘Usually I’m cosplaying unnatural characters because I like to appear totally different. Moreover I love to portray the figures with my own body.’ Besides elves and mystic creatures, cats and other animals also count to her preferences. ‘It’s amazing that the human body is so changeable just with a few tricks like hoofshoes, antlers and the right make-up”, she says and refers to her Dark Faun costume that she’s going to present at this year’s gamescom cosplay competition.

Day two for the community – Exciting events and locations

TGIF – it’s finally Friday and time for the weekend to start! In order for you to enjoy your gamescom experience to the max, gamescom will open its gates from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today. In addition to extended opening times, you can look forward to many highlights starting in the afternoon. gamescom will once more feature a great supporting programme and present itself from its most exciting side again.


Starting yesterday, many YouTube stars have already been on the “Let’s Play meets gamescom” stage in hall 10.1. Get a kick out of the performances of the following Let’s Players today: JesseCox, GamePro, Wikia, WritingBull, LPmitKev, CommanderKrieger, HomerJ, Musterbrand, Moondye7, GuentherShadow + General Pilophas, Gamestar ONE PC, MrMoregame + Hijuga and PietSmiet. Afterwards, a new episode of gamescom TV with host Annica Hansen will be broadcast.

And at 6 p.m., it’s finally time to present the most popular and coveted award of the European gaming industry: the highly anticipated gamescom award 2014. Especially the “best of gamescom“ category will be the cause for much excitement and suspense as it can only be won by a game that has already been awarded in another category. Be part of the crowd at the „Let’s Play meets gamescom“ stage to hear the announcement “And the winner is …“.

Day one for the community – Welcome to gamescom 2014!


Day 2 for the exhibitors – day 1 for the community! For all those who couldn’t get hold of admission pass for trade visitors, gamescom 2014 starts today!

The long anticipated spectacle has finally opened its doors – and that is why we want to call your attention to exciting events and locations in the next couple of days which you shouldn’t miss by any means: at the gamescom event level in hall 10.2, for example, a varied program invites you to look on and join in. Among others things, you will find a giant human table soccer game, micro golf or interactive laser games. Another highlight can be found in the outdoor area behind hall 8. Test your Headis talent, surf on the gamescom wave or chillax in the sun with good music. In addition, freestyle motocross professionals will show you what they got.

At the gamescom campus, the Jugendforum NRW (Youth Forum North-Rhine Westphalia) awaits you with an interesting program on the subject of “Learning through play in a virtual world”, demonstrating that gaming isn’t only fun, but can also offer a job perspective.

10 .a.m. sees the start of the “Let’s play” program in hall 10.1. Maxi und Nino from “High5” as the opening act will be followed by YouTube-Stars Pietsmiet, GameStar, Wikia, Musterbrand, Prinny Dood & Dhalucard and MafuyuX + Tobinator LP. You will also be able to benefit from the unique opportunity to meet the artists. At 1.30 p.m., though, the program will be interrupted for another episode of gamescom TV. Next on stage is the Telekom Challenge at 3 p.m.: At the “Telekom Mario Kart 8 Cup“, 16 of the most popular German YouTubers will compete against one another, in teams of two and with the support of one fan.

And already today you can also look forward to fascinating Meet & Greets in hall 08.1, booth C020. At 3 p.m., all Nintendo fans and core players can get together with the editorial staff of the magazine N-Zone. And an hour later, at 4 p.m., the editors of the gaming magazine play4 are looking forward to welcoming you.

Off to gamescom festival 2014!

Songs that are the hype right now, uplifting live music and a great line-up of national and international artists that have every intention to get you dancing and partying – you can expect all of this and more at the gamescom festival, taking place from August 15 through August 17.

gamescom festival

At the 6th edition of this musical highlight, you can look forward to a big selection of songs and bands with  something to offer for just about any taste. Get inspired by different locations and top entertainment with a star-studded cast: in addition to Rockstah and Prinz Pi, the festival will also feature acts such as Thees Uhlmann, Maximo Park and many others who are ready to deliver intoxicating shows. Would you like a little sneak preview? Here we go:

Meet the Stars: strong personalities are her inspiration – cosplayer Ibukii

Charakter. Katarina aus League Of Legends Fotograf: http://javisean.deviantart.com/
Charakter. Katarina aus League Of Legends
Fotograf: http://javisean.deviantart.com/


Please tell us a bit about yourself: How did you get into cosplaying and when did you start?

My name is Özge. I am half Turkish, but born and raised in Germany. My attention was drawn to cosplaying at carnival when I met someone wearing Kakashi from Naruto. I asked where he bought his costume and he told me that he had made it himself and that I could find more inspiration on the website Animexx.

I signed up and learned about events on anime/manga/games in Germany. I asked a friend if she liked to accompany me on an event. Since then we were both totally excited about cosplayers and wanted to get into cosplaying ourselves. Until today we cosplay together and still have a lot of fun with it.