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From inspiration to cosplay creation

With a flowing blond mane, proud antlers and clattering hoofs she walks through the forest. Feathers decorate her hair and fine leaves tangle the bright costume fur. As the camera begins to flash, Luka is completely in her element. The 28-year-old girl loves fantasy and is an active member of the cosplay scene since September 2010.

1. Dark Faun

Luka, whose real name is Doreen, regularly simulates different roles: ‘Usually I’m cosplaying unnatural characters because I like to appear totally different. Moreover I love to portray the figures with my own body.’ Besides elves and mystic creatures, cats and other animals also count to her preferences. ‘It’s amazing that the human body is so changeable just with a few tricks like hoofshoes, antlers and the right make-up”, she says and refers to her Dark Faun costume that she’s going to present at this year’s gamescom cosplay competition.

Luka made her first cosplay experience at Connichi 2010. At the famous manga- and anime-convention she dressed herself as the figure Luka Megurine – Magnet (Vocaloid) that she still likes to play. ‘I saw an image on the internet and so I became award of the Megurine Cosplay. I loved the butterfly-headset design and so I decided to dress myself in the same way’, she says. ‘Since then I paid attention to cosplaying because it filled me with enthusiasm.

Drawing attention to the costume

Nowadays Luka dresses herself not only for events but also for exciting photo-shoots. In these moments, when the camera works, she creates a lot of impressive cosplay images. If you take a look at Luka, you cannot believe that she loves cakes and fritter, because she’s in perfect shape. With her fantasy images, which are presented on facebook, Luka excites her fans: ‘I would lie if I would pretend that it doesn’t make me happy to get these wonderful images by top photographers and such positive responses”, she says.

2. Faun

Meanwhile Luka, who lives in Stendal next to Magdeburg, owns 16 different cosplay costumes. All of them are own creations and hand-made by herself. You can get a good impression about Lukas different working steps on her facebook page, on which she takes her fans along an exciting journey. She posts new images – from hand-made stencils to finished costume pieces and backstage-impressions of her photo-shoots nearly every day.

An imaginative process

But how are such elaborate costumes created? The process starts with a small inspiration. ‘Usually I get inspired by images and movies, that I see somewhere’, Luka says. ‘What matters is this brief moment or artwork of different characters.’ The 28-year-old girl regularly has big ideas of roughly designs and the way in which she wants to develop her costumes. But details and colors cannot get their final touches before production. This process, from designing to wearing the costumes, often lasts two or three month.

3. Erstellung des Fran FFXII Kostüms

Luka is fascinated by every single working step. ‘I like to see how the costumes grow one by one. I’m also excited about costumes of other cosplayers”, she says. At the moment Luka works on Fran of Final Fantasy XII, which she wants to present on Sunday, 17th August 2014, at gamescom. ‘I’m really looking forward to my first gamescom’, she says. The passionate gamer is especially excited about meeting “other cosplayers with same interests – and of course I’m excited about the games and new technical highlights.’

Check out Lukas facebook page for more information, interesting tutorials and beautiful cosplay pictures.