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Meet the Stars: strong personalities are her inspiration – cosplayer Ibukii

Charakter. Katarina aus League Of Legends Fotograf:
Charakter. Katarina aus League Of Legends


Please tell us a bit about yourself: How did you get into cosplaying and when did you start?

My name is Özge. I am half Turkish, but born and raised in Germany. My attention was drawn to cosplaying at carnival when I met someone wearing Kakashi from Naruto. I asked where he bought his costume and he told me that he had made it himself and that I could find more inspiration on the website Animexx.

I signed up and learned about events on anime/manga/games in Germany. I asked a friend if she liked to accompany me on an event. Since then we were both totally excited about cosplayers and wanted to get into cosplaying ourselves. Until today we cosplay together and still have a lot of fun with it.

Which characters do you play and where do you get your inspiration from for the designs of your costumes?

Most characters that I pick are similar to my personality or are heroes of my childhood. Characters, that are totally different to my personality, are appealing to me as well though, because I take it as a challenge to embody them. I get my inspiration from video games, anime, manga and movies.

Charakter: Ashe aus League Of Legend Fotograf:
Charakter: Ashe aus League Of Legend

Why do you like slipping into other roles?

Slipping into other roles means to me that I can become someone else for the day. This goes with posing and acting like the character I embody.

Which fictitious figures inspire you and why?

The hero of my childhood was Sailor Moon. At first she was clumsy, but became a self-confident, strong and brave woman. I always wanted to be like her. Up to today characters with a strong personality inspire me.

Do you have role models in the cosplay scene? If so, who?

There are many cosplayers, which I like a lot. My big love is and will always be K-A-N-A.

How many costumes do you own?

In total I created 36 costumes.

How long do you work on a costume round about? Which costume was the most work so far?

It always depends on how detailed the costume is. On average creating a costume takes a week up to a few month. My most extravagant costumes are Yuna from Final Fantasy X and Ashe from League Of Legends.

What makes a passionate cosplayer?

Paying attention to detail, the perfect imitation including posing in the costume and the fun, one has doing it.

What was the most exciting experience you had with your fans?

Once I fell on the floor in my Malefiz costume from Sleeping Beauty (“Dornröschen”) and lost my cell without recognizing. A few people saw how I lost my cell and searched for me on the entire area to give it back to me. I was very surprised and grateful.

Which characters will you portray next?

I still have a lot of childhood dreams, that I would love to fulfil. Sailor Moon, Digimon, One Piece and many new video games like Tekken, Soul Calibur and League Of Legends are planned.

Do you also play video games? If so, which games do you play most and what was your greatest triumph?

I play League Of Legends almost every evening, preferably together with my friends. Additionally I play Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my smartphone and recently I started with Fantasy Defense 2. As a child I loved to play Final Fantasy. It all began with part seven. Part eight, nine and ten followed shortly after that. I was a collector and always wanted to own all items, cards and other collectables. With putting a lot of time into this I usually achieved it and I was always pretty proud of myself. J

Bild 3: Charakter: Yuna aus Final Fantasy X Fotograf:
Bild 3:
Charakter: Yuna aus Final Fantasy X

Have you been to gamescom before? If so, what made you visit it?

In 2011 I was at gamescom for the first time and wanted to test the games, of course. I was especially happy about any news of Tekken and Final Fantasy. I also saw some cosplayers that year and decided to visit gamescom 2012 as Ashe of League Of Legends. It is totally overwhelming, how often people recognize me, ask to take pictures or are just happy to see the video game character in reality.

What is special about gamescom in your eyes?

The whole atmosphere! It is as if you are inside a video game for the day. You see so many great costumes, games and other entertaining things there.

Are you going to visit gamescom 2014? If so, where can your fans meet you?

I will be in the cosplay village from Wednesday to Sunday.

What are you looking forward to most?

The new games, that you are allowed to test, the entertaining shows and of course the cosplayers. J

Where can we find you on the internet?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt and worldcosplay.