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On the podium thanks to passion and inspiration

Inspiring innovations, exciting events and visionary, imaginative games sphere – gamescom 2014 will stay on its visitors’ memory for a long time. One of them has particularly fond memories of the world’s biggest trade show for gaming: cos player Luka. The 28 year old wowed fans and jury alike and thus managed to secure the second place at this year’s gamescom cosplay award.

gamescom cosplay of the year award


gamescom cosplay of the year award“It was my first cosplay competition ever,” said an overjoyed Luka on Saturday after the preliminary decisions. The 5’9 ft tall blonde had just successfully beat five other competitors in the “Fantasy” category and thus qualified for the finals on Sunday. Luka represented “Deer Faun” and literally stood out in the crowd with her costume. “Size is actually an important factor in cosplay,” she stated, smiling. And she was spot on: the carefully crafted and hand-made hoof shoes and the proud deer head turned Luka – who, in real life, is called Doreen and lives in Stendal near Magdeburg – into a tall, striking and impressive amazon.

But actually the most beautiful thing about her was not her costume, artful as it was – it was her infectious smile. Luka, who didn’t shy away from the long drive to Cologne together with her husband, loves and lives cosplay. And it shows. In Stendal, her hometown, her hobby might be seen as something rather eccentric as there in just one other cosplayer in town, but Luka doesn’t care. She is happy to join events such as gamescom or the Leipzig book fair and to meet like-minded people. She is especially proud to have numerous fans, with many of them following her on her Facebook account.


gamescom cosplay of the year award

Time and again, Luka let people at gamescom take her picture, gave interviews and answered questions about her costume. “It’s a lot of fun, but I’m happy to be rid of my hoof shoes soon. After a while, they really start to hurt,” she explained – still smiling, though. After the preliminary decision, Luka took a time-out to check out the trade show. “I would love to test some games while I’m here,” she told us. After the tour, she and her husband retreated to their hotel to relax from a strenuous day to prepare for the next day.


gamescom cosplay of the year award
On Sunday, disaster struck: Despite all outmost efforts, her Fran costume, especially made for gamescom, wouldn’t stay in place the way it was supposed to, so Luka switched and wore her “Deer Faun” costume again at the big finals. In the end, she was awarded the second place. She didn’t win a trip to Japan like the winner, but she got a brand new sewing machine, though. “I’m so happy, and I’ve met so many friends and nice people,” she posted afterwards on Facebook. “It was such a lot of fun, and most probably I will go to gamescom again.” We certainly hope to see Luka again and wish her all the best until then!

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