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Gambling for good – gamescom supports Gaming-Aid e.V.

At this year’s gamescom industry party fundraising for the Non-Profit “Gaming-Aid e.V.” was part of the fun. In total money and goods of a value of round about 3,000 Euro were donated. Party guests were able to buy lottery tickets and special gambling tokens and use these at various slot machines to win one of many great prizes. The collected money of the lottery ticket and gambling token sale was now donated to the non-profit organization. Furthermore the organization receives all prizes that were left over at the end of the night, so that they can put them up for an auction and hopefully make a good profit.

gaming aid

Gaming-Aid has the goal to help people in need working in the gaming industry. Together with gamers and product manufacturers Gaming-Aid helps out with money and material goods in a selfless and unbureaucratic way. For example, an eight-year-old son of a gaming writer gets financial help for rehab after his heart operation as well as pediatric wards, children’s homes, youth centers, hospitals and rehab centers are provided with hard- and software for entertainment.

“We hope that we have gained attention with this charity event for the non-profit organization Gaming-Aid and its projects. The BIU will continue to seek for options to support this organization. We thank all companies that have contributed to this success with their donations”, says Dr. Maximilian Schenk, CEO of BIU.

BIU is member of Gaming-Aid with the most commitment and supports the organization for months now. The BIU is the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software. The 19 members of the association hold market share of over 85 percent for computer and video games in Germany and is co-organizer and ideal sponsor of gamescom.

“We are pleased to support Gaming-Aid with the charity event at this year’s gamescom industry party and are able to bring the projects forward, which Gaming-Aid realizes”, says Tim Endres, project manager of gamescom. “Gaming-Aid stands for social engagement in the gaming sector and we are happy to be part of the idea to help through gaming.”