Why so serious?

Over 34 million Germans play digital games. Gamers are of all ages, education background and income classes. As the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) announced, 20 percent of regular gamers are older than 50 years.

Games have made it into mainstream of society and more and more game types for a variety of gaming interests are developed. An example are Serious Games.


This genre includes games which do not focus on entertainment primarily or exclusively, but aim to impart knowledge and information in an entertaining way. The human being learns easier and more sustainable when applying knowledge. By bringing together different topics the gamer can learn comprehensively and with a cross-thematic approach. Moreover the fun while playing reinforces the learning effect. The gamer is probably not even aware that he is learning – he or she learns passively through acting.

A great example for a Serious Game is the project Foldit. The community of the platform was able to decode the protein structure of an Aids virus. It took the participants of this “online puzzle” only ten days for the problem that scientists were not able to solve in the past 15 years.