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Bachir Boumaaza – the man behind of Gaming for Good

In the world of video games, Bachir Boumaaza might be better known as Athene. The professional gamer achieved eight world records and runs a Youtube channel with over 700,000 subscribers together with his friends. Since this turned out to be a lucrative business, Boumaaza decided to get involved socially in return and is now as successful with this as in the digital world.


Boumaaza was born on June 6, 1980 in Belgium. He always had a great affinity for video games and wanted to share his experiences with others. It all started in 2007 with the game World of Warcraft. Together with two friends he played online and his character Athene was decisive for his pseudonym. He quickly became known for criticizing and blaming other players and always presenting himself as the best player in the world. Furthermore Athene always represented controversial opinions.

One year later the content on his Youtube channel changed – political and social issues were mentioned and especially the aspect of charity was put in focus.

In 2013 Boumaaza founded the platform “Gaming for Good” to generate donations for the charity Save the Children. Game developers donate their games to the platform. Users then can donate money to the platform and therefore collect credit points, which they can use to play these games. Altogether the platform has generated over 9.5 million dollars. Recently Boumaaza traveled to Mali and reported about his experiences and impressions live on his Youtube channel to show the users of Gaming for Good, what was achieved with their donations.

In the meantime Boumaaza has become mainly active as streamer on, but still runs his Youtube channel.

An extraordinary story about an extraordinary man – a gamer who turned his passion into a career and makes the world a better place game by game.