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Meet the Stars: Cosplayer Anthony Misiano a.k.a Joker

Credit: Anthony Misiano
Credit: Anthony Misiano

Please tell us a bit about yourself: How did you get into cosplaying and when did you start?

A: Well, my name is Anthony Misiano and I am currently a New York city based actor and photographer. I first got into cosplay in 2012. I had been working on a Joker costume originally intended for Halloween, however Halloween came and went and I found that I was still working on it quite a lot. Finally it was time for San Diego Comic Con (I still lived in my home town of San Diego at the time) and I decided for fun I’d wear it there. The reaction was unanticipated.

Which characters do you play and where do you get your inspiration from for the designs of your costumes?

So far in the cosplay world I have only ever worn my Joker costume. However I also helped in the design and creation of my partner in crime, Alyssa’s – a.k.a. “Joker’s Harley”. Inspiration comes from two primary sources: artwork I like and find myself drawn toward, and my own imagination. I always want to take things a little further and deeper, see if there’s another layer of detail that can be added to really flesh something out and make it come alive.

Credit: Anthony Misiano
Credit: Anthony Misiano

Why do you like slipping into other roles?

Well, when I’m cosplaying I am NOT role playing. For me that’s never been really appealing. I like cosplaying primarily for the costume design and creation side of things. However, separately, I actually make my living as an actor, and in that field I DO in fact enjoy playing characters and slipping into different roles. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I started acting when I was 14 years old (I just turned 29 – yeesh!), and still to this day there’s no greater joy or passion for me. It’s hard to say why.

Which fictitious figures inspire you and why?

Batman. He’s always been my favorite hero. I think the appeal is the same for a lot of people in that he has no super powers. He just has a brilliant mind and has worked to have a powerful body, and uses them both to the fullest of his abilities. It’s impressive to say the least.

Do you have role models in the cosplay scene? If so, who?

It’s hard to say. There’s no one person in particular. I just really love any great piece of art, any brilliant creation. It’s better to admire the work than the individual. People are complicated and flawed. Think about how many artists or musicians people have loved and admired for their work until learning about their complicated personal life. It ruins it. Admire the work, not the person. However I will amend this by saying in the world of Joker & Harley costuming, Donnie and Tara of Gotham Public Works are heroes. Period.

How many costumes do you own?

As far as cosplay goes I only have the Joker costume, with several slight variations therein. (Black shirt & green tie combo, green shirt & black tie combo, trench coat or not, etc.)

Credit: Anthony Misiano
Credit: Anthony Misiano

How long do you work round about on a costume? Which costume was the most work so far?

Well I worked on the Joker costume for about a year, and we (Alyssa & myself) worked on the Harley costume for about 5 months. It’s a lot of time to really get something just right. I HATE settling. I HATE compromising. If I’m going to create something, it has to be the best it can be. No exceptions.

What makes a passionate cosplayer?

It’s hard to define since “cosplay” itself is so vague. Anyone with passion I suppose, haha.

What was the most exciting experience you had with your fans?

For me I’m always excited and amazed to see fan art. So many people have created painting and drawings and things of my version of the Joker – it’s insane. It blows me away. It’s so flattering and so surreal.

Which characters will you portray next?

Myself, at home, on the couch.

Do you also play video games? If so, which games do you play most and what was your greatest triumph?

I’m actually not a gamer. I know that’s weird, but I just never got into it outside of tetris and pacman.


Where can we find you on the internet?

You can always find me at

And you can find my lovely little partner at