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gamescom character jury: The Flash („Der Blitz“)


„The Flash“ („Der Blitz“) is a passionate gamer, comic collector as well as a sitcom junkie. Famous for his North German accent, he has been active in the Youtube scene for a few years already and reports about news, classics and everything on comics. Meanwhile, his channel has become the biggest German Youtube channel all around comics. Since 2013 the video series “Flashed” (“Geblitzt”) is his hobbyhorse.


He also appeared on the Youtube channel High5 together with jury member Nino Kerl. Since 2015 he is at Rocket Beans TV, the first independent German online station, which presents gaming and internet culture 24/7. He hosts the show “Panelz” there, which – of course – is all about the comic universe.

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He also entertains his fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch with funny news from his everyday life as comic enthusiast.

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