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gamescom character jury member: Maja Felicitas


Jury member Maja Felicitas is a professional cosplayer and a frequent guest on conventions: The designer is also founder of the live action promotion agency Defcon Unlimited, which is specialized in “badass promotions”.

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Besides elaborate stunt shows and walking acts, the team is represented on the “nerdiest fairs at home and abroad” with cosplay-guerrilla-shows, where they bring imaginative characters and scenes from games and movie to life. Besides the construction of props, photo spots and large sets, promotions on Youtube and photo shootings belong to her daily business.


Although acting was always her great passion, Maja Felicitas got there after following other plans first – initially she began to study veterinary medicine. When Maja encountered Cosplay repeatedly while studying, she changed her mind. At the university in Aachen she started to study communication design. At RingCon in Bonn she met her present fiancé, stuntman Ben Schamma, and founded Defcon Unlimited together with him. The best way to connect stage, cosplay and design.

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