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#gamescomcharacter: Top 16 is chosen – vote now and win!


We asked: If gamescom were a game character or a superhero, how would he/she look like? What would his/her hidden super power be?

And you answered with all your creativity: We received over 430 submissions with characters ranging from fluffy superanimals, muscular fighters to manga superwomen. Our top-class jury consisting of Oskar Pannier, the Blitz, Nino Kerl, Maja Felicitas and Salome Soe Gschwind-Penski chose their Top 16.

Their criteria were that the figure cannot be based on or resemble an already existing figure. The participants had to come up with something truly unique. The superpower has to be apparent, be it by showing or describing it. The figure has an individual style, is somehow funny or has an unmistakable signature in another way. Furthermore, a good technical execution was criterion.

In a second round the jury will vote an overall winner from the Top 16, who wins a gamescom VIP package consisting of tickets for all days of gamescom 2016, overnight stays and a T-shirt.

Who is your favorite? Decide in the community voting!

We also want to know your favorite! Participate in the community voting and choose who designed the best #gamescomcharacter. The community-winner receives a prize money of €3,000. Moreover, the top three winners of the community voting can look forward to a gamescom package consisting of a day ticket for gamescom 2016 and a T-Shirt.

Of course, you as voters can also win! Participate in our raffle after voting for a chance to win one of the following prices:


1x Wii U/LEGO DIMENSIONS Starter-Pack

1x amiibo-Figur der Super Smashbrothers Collection, No. 11 Kirby

1x amiibo-Figur der Super Smashbrothers Collection, No. 3 Yoshi

1x amiibo-Figur der Super Smashbrothers Collection, No. 1 Mario

We like to thank all participants for putting so much effort in their submissions and keep our fingers crossed for the Top 16!


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