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“Back to the Future” at #gamescom2017

Visitors of gamescom 2017 were able to dive in another time of gaming in the special exhibition “retro gaming”. Around 200 working retro consoles, Arcade machines and home computers were available for young and old to test. More than 50 collectors, retro developers, musicians and clubs celebrated the history and culture of the computer game on 1,600 square meters and three adjoining stands.

Leaving the “retro gaming” special exhibiton, some visitors have certainly remembered the cult movie “Back to the Future”, since gamecom visitors certainly felt taken back a few decades: the iconic joysticks and controllers, the 16-bit graphics and music of the classics, or the simple gameplay fun of the old gamesc. Retro gaming at gamescom 2017 spread the charm of the old consoles.

The “Next-Gen” consoles from the past

Visitors explored and experienced the evolution of the consoles live on the ground: from Amiga 500 to C64, NeoGeo, NES, PlayStation or Dreamcast. Along with tube televisions and historic equipment, the most important stations in the history of video games were ready to play.


Arcade classics with charm

The retro gaming area also awaited interested visitors with Arcade machines and classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. They have now become the epitome of ‘retro gaming’ and jewels, which every passionate gamer would gladly put into his gaming room.




Legends on site

Legendary exhibitors were on site like the original team of Factor 5 including Chris Huelsbeck, Jon Hare, the founder of Sensible Software, Hewson Consultants and Amiga legend Petro Tyschtschenko as well as musicians like Blue Metal Rose, Double Score Dungeon, Endgegner, Hans Hisacore, Klirre, Melted Moon, Myuu, Patrick Nevian, Sajuuk, Toriyuca Arts, Tronimal and Vault Kid. Other highlights of the retro gaming special exhibition included a Zelda exhibition, consoles with Pokémon motifs, Star Trek games, 30 years of “Final Fantasy”, 20 years of “Final Fantasy VII”, four decades of the pocket calculators and Poly-Play , the only slot machine in the former GDR.