From inspiration to cosplay creation

With a flowing blond mane, proud antlers and clattering hoofs she walks through the forest. Feathers decorate her hair and fine leaves tangle the bright costume fur. As the camera begins to flash, Luka is completely in her element. The 28-year-old girl loves fantasy and is an active member of the cosplay scene since September 2010.

1. Dark Faun

Luka, whose real name is Doreen, regularly simulates different roles: ‘Usually I’m cosplaying unnatural characters because I like to appear totally different. Moreover I love to portray the figures with my own body.’ Besides elves and mystic creatures, cats and other animals also count to her preferences. ‘It’s amazing that the human body is so changeable just with a few tricks like hoofshoes, antlers and the right make-up”, she says and refers to her Dark Faun costume that she’s going to present at this year’s gamescom cosplay competition.

Meet the Stars: strong personalities are her inspiration – cosplayer Ibukii

Charakter. Katarina aus League Of Legends Fotograf:
Charakter. Katarina aus League Of Legends


Please tell us a bit about yourself: How did you get into cosplaying and when did you start?

My name is Özge. I am half Turkish, but born and raised in Germany. My attention was drawn to cosplaying at carnival when I met someone wearing Kakashi from Naruto. I asked where he bought his costume and he told me that he had made it himself and that I could find more inspiration on the website Animexx.

I signed up and learned about events on anime/manga/games in Germany. I asked a friend if she liked to accompany me on an event. Since then we were both totally excited about cosplayers and wanted to get into cosplaying ourselves. Until today we cosplay together and still have a lot of fun with it.